Serving Utensils and Equipment

Disposable/ Recyclable Paper Products.

Delivery includes disposable plates, napkins, all cutlery & serving tongs. Paper product package is customized to your order.

You will not receive any unnecessary disposable products with your menu.

As we are now packaging everything individually a flat rate of $1.00 per person will be charged with every order (under paper product fee). This also includes the regular paper products.


Disposable tablecloths: $2.75 each

Linen table cloth 54 X 54 inch long rectangular polar white: $5.75 each


Large chafing dish (warming structures) w/ sterno candles: $15.00

100 cup coffee urn: $10.00

* We offer to help arrange all other hardware rentals such as ceramic plates, steel cutlery cloth napkins, water & wine goblets etc. Prices are subject to change as we outsource for large rental orders, but we ALWAYS search for the best price for you!

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