Handheld Menu

Handhelds for every occasion.

We have handhelds to suit practically every taste and preference, including vegan and vegetarian. Each handhelds is cut in half, labelled and separately packaged. Only fresh ingredients will do! The steak brioche is slow cooked and the sauce is handmade. Most of the bread is baked fresh in our kitchen.

Steak Brioche – $12.99
Juicy angus steak cooked to medium doneness, sautéed mushroom,
lettuce & tomato with a lightly drizzled béarnaise sauce.
The Beautiful Brie – $10.65

Melted brie, caramelized red onion & rocket for a creamy goodness.

Falafel –$9.75

Scrumptious falafel with hummus, lettuce, tomato and garlic sauce.

Vegan Club – $9.75

Roasted zucchini, red bell peppers, purple onion, green peppers and fresh
organics. Served on dark rye bread with our very own homemade creamy

Awesome Chicken – $11.99
Our own secret spices & garlic blend for a medium spicy delicious, juicy
chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, Dijon & mayo.
Jerk Chicken Wrap – $11.99
Chicken cooked to juicy tenderness in our own jerk marinade with coleslaw
and mango salsa.
Roast Beef - $11.99

Deli roast beef with cheddar, lettuce, oven roasted tomato and horseradish mayo.

Turkey Club – $11.99
Deli roast turkey with cheddar, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
Curried Vegetable & Mango Chutney - $9.75

Seasonal vegetables roasted with curry seasoning and garnished with mango chutney.

Egg Salad - $8.99

The traditional. Throw in a little spring onion and paprika for pizzazz!

Tuna Salad - $8.99

Flaked tuna blended with red onion, lemon, dill and mayo.

Assorted Combo - $18.00

We pick, you relax – assorted sandwiches with a side garden salad. Includes assorted pop or water. Premium salads / juice are available to substitute at an additional cost. Combo does not include Steak Brioche sandwich.

Breakfast Menu

Got an early morning meeting or event?

Let us greet you with freshly-baked cocoa-orange banana bread, lemon-nutmeg loaf or creamed mini-scones with vanilla frosting.

Or how about homemade gluten-free muffins that will leave you guessing “gluten free?” Trust us, it’s been asked, they are that good!

Continental Breakfast Platter – serves 10 - $85
Bagels, Croissants and Muffins
Served with butter, jam and cream cheese. Includes Organic Coffee
Fresh Berry Yogurt & Granola Cups - $9.99

Fresh seasonal berries, housemade granola and Greek yogurt. Served in 9oz. individual parfait cups.
Just Yogurt and Berries also available for a gluten free

Assorted Mini Quiches - $12.25

12 X 3 inch “tart” size.
Choice of:

  • Roasted Pepper
  • Cheddar & Scallion
  • Florentine

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray - $83.90

Serves 12.

Breakfast Burrito - $8.50 per person (6 minimum)

Scrambled Eggs with green & red pepper, scallions and cheddar in a Whole
Wheat Wrap.

Fresh Muffins - $2.79 each (6 minimum)
Apple Pie; White Chocolate Cranberry or Morning Glory.

Salads Menu

SALADS - In servings of 6 or 12

All come with your choice of dressing (listed below)
Grilled Yam & Quinoa - $53.95 for 6

Grilled sweet potato pieces, with quinoa & shredded kale, butternut squash,
roasted corn, apple, roasted beet, shredded carrot
Add Boiled Egg: $2.40

Thai Noodle - $42.60 for 6

Glass noodles with shredded carrots, cilantro, scallions and sesame seeds
infused in a sweet chili soy dressing.

* Add ginger beef or chicken – $4.99 per person

Kale Caesar! - $42.60 for 6

A healthy substitute, with shredded asiago, toasted sunflower seeds in our
own homemade Caesar dressing.

Roasted Beet Spinach Salad - $42.60 for 6

Fresh spinach, beets, orange segments and goat cheese.

Traditional Garden Salad - $32.34 for 6

Fresh garden vegetables on a bed of leaf lettuce. Great with our red wine
vinegar shallot dressing.

Potato Salad - $39 for 6

Potato Salad with Fresh Herbs, Onions, Pepper and Garlic.

Greek Salad - $42.60 for 6

Spinach, Feta, Olives, Red Onion and Cherry Tomatoes – generally served with
our Greek Dressing.

Dressings Available

Red Wine Shallot, Honey Apple, Green Goddess (contains anchovy), Greek, Lemon Vinaigrette, Caesar

Extra Dressing – $7.50 for 6

Drinks Menu

Fair Trade & Organic Coffee.

Coffee / Tea – serves 10 - $21.50 ($1.50 per cup + $6.50 for the box)

Freshly brewed Alternative Grounds coffee or hot water and Orange Pekoe tea bags in our
disposable coffee box, that serves 10 x 8-ounce cups. Coffee cups, dairy, sugar and stir sticks are
included in the price.

Coffee / Hot Water Urns – hold up to 75 cups - $1.50 per cup + $50 rental fee

Includes stir sticks, cups, sugar and dairy. Rental fee includes pickup of urns after event. We will work with you to pick up within 48 hours.

Herbal Tea - $2.25

Comes with hot water in a coffee box or urn (associated fees apply as with coffee), dairy, sugar
and stir sticks.

Assorted Pop - $1.45 each

Assorted Juice - $2 each

Sparkling Water - $3 each

Bottled Water - $1.45 each

Please note that we do not serve specific types of pop or juice, as we do not carry every type in
our inventory. We do carry common types, make sure that there is variety and that diet pop is
included or 100% diet if requested.

Mains Menu

Priced per person, minimum order for any item is six.

Peruvian Half Chicken – Choice of Herbed New Potato, Garlic Mash Potato or Sweet Potato Mash $24

Half Chicken, Bone In, Marinated with Aji Amarillo and Aji Panca pastes with a
delicious lime twist. Served with a kicking cilantro dressing on the side.
Spicy and absolutely mouth watering!

Beef Bourgignon with Creamy Mash Potato – $20.25

The Classic French dish. Slow braised stewing beef in a rich gravy with pearl
onions, mushrooms and thyme.

Chicken Yassa & Jollof Rice - $13.40

Sengalese spiced chicken braised with onions, dijon, lemon and garlic. Served
with Jollof Rice.

Butter Chicken & Cinnamon Basmati Rice - $17.50

Tender Chicken breast slow cooked in a rich, spiced butter sauce and garnished
with cilantro.

Chana Masala & Cinnamon Basmati Rice - $17.50

Chickpea curry in a medium spice, tangy tomato base with caramelized onions.
Contains butter though can be vegan at request.

Curried Red Lentils w/ Spinach & Sweet Potato & Basmati - $17.50

A comforting, aromatic vegan curry with sweet & savory flavors tantalizing the
senses through a coconut milk simmer.

Lamb Kebab with Pita & Babaganoush - $15.99

Grilled Seasoned Lamb Skewers with Babaganoush, Warm Pita.

Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas - $14.50

Quarter chicken leg marinaded and roasted in our signature jerk sauce. Served
with Rice and Peas.

Lasagne Menu

Served in groups of 9 only (9, 18, 27, etc)

All Lasagnas are $110 dollars per nine portion tray
Beefy Lasagna

An Italian classic and our signature lasagna. Layered with lean ground beef,
roasted vegetables and mozzarella combined with our very own savory
tomato sauce.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Our vegetarian version with roasted vegetables, bechamel, ricotta, mozarella

Bechamel Florentine Lasagna

Vegetarian lasagna with crimini mushrooms and our very own Béchmel / Florentine sauce, (buttery spinach in a white cream sauce).

Desserts Menu

Fresh Fruit Tray – $83.95 / Large fruit tray - $115

A variety of fresh, exotic and domestic fruits. Serves 12. Large fruit tray
serves 20 people.

Dessert Squares – $3.25 per square

Choice of:
Iced Brownies / Chocolate Chip Caramel Blondies / Date Squares

Fresh Baked Cookies – $1.70 per cookie

Choice of:
Chocolate Chip / Oatmeal Raisin / Peanut Butter cookies.

Sweet Loaves – $3.25 per slice

Choice of:
Banana Bread / Carrot Cake

Platters & Appetizers Menu

Served in groups of 9 only (9, 18, 27, etc)

All Lasagnas are $110 dollars per nine portion tray
Cheese & Crackers - $6.99 per person

Assortment of Canadian Cheeses with Crackers.

Cold Cut Tray - $6.99 per person

3oz across 4 types of premium cold cuts per person depending on availability.
Usually includes beef and genoa salami, chorizo and prosciutto.

Fruit Tray - $83.95 / Large fruit tray - $115

A variety of fresh, exotic and domestic fruits. Serves 12. Large fruit tray serves
20 people.

Asparagus & Aged Cheddar Tarts - $12.25 for 12

3” deliciously savoury tarts.

Dip & Pita Tray - $5.59 per person

Hummus, Tzatziki and Roasted Red Pepper Dip with Warm Pita.

Vegan Option Dips: Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper, Babaganoush.

Crudite Veg Platter - $5.59 per person

With Roasted Red Pepper Dip.

Vegetarian Samosas - $1.50 each

with choice of Mango or Mint Chutney.

Jerk Chicken Sliders – 12 for $66

On a mini bun with slaw and mango salsa.

Falafel Sliders – 12 for $57

On mini-ciabatta with pickled turnip, housemade hummus and toum.

Sides Menu

In servings of 6 or 12

Green Beans - $4.50

Rosemary Roasted Vegetables - $5

Garlic Mash - $3.50

Cinnamon Basmati - $3.50

Lemon Brussels - $4.50

Seasonal Corn - $4.50

Combos Menu

Hot Meal Combo - $25.50 per person, minimum order of 6

Choice of one entrée and one side, served with a garden salad, comes with
assorted pop / water. Does not include Peruvian Half Chicken. Premium salads
/ juice / sparkling water available with additional charge.

Lunch Meeting Combo - $18 per person, minimum order of 6

Assorted sandwiches with garden salad and assorted pop / water. Does not
include Steak Brioche sandwich. Premium salads / juice / sparkling water
available with additional charge.

On-a-budget Bagged Lunches - $12.50 per person, minimum order of 6

Assorted sandwiches (limited selection), piece of whole fruit and pop / water.

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