Lasagne Menu

Our pastas are perfect for hungry groups who expect quality.

Fresh, premium ingredients, real sauces – NEVER from a bottle. We have a diverse yet traditional selection.

Beefy Lasagna – $78.99

An Italian classic and our signature lasagna. Layered with lean ground beef, roasted vegetables and mozzarella combined with our very own savory tomato sauce.

Serves 12 people.

$39.50 for 6 people.

Now made with Halal beef.

Lasagna – Vegetarian – $75.89

Our vegetarian version with roasted vegetables/three cheeses instead of meat.

Serves 12 people.

$37.94 for 6 people.

Butter Chicken Lasagna – $82.49

Oven roasted halal chicken breast, sliced in a full flavoured butter chicken sauce and crimini mushrooms.

Serves 12 people.

$41.25 for 6 people.

Bechamel Florentine Lasagna – $78.99

Vegetarian lasagna with crimini mushrooms and our very own Béchmel / Florentine sauce, (buttery spinach in a white cream sauce).

Serves 12 people.

$39.50 for 6 people.

Add garlic crostini – $2.19.

Garlic crostini slices, topped with toasted minced garlic & fresh chopped basil. 2 per person.

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