Drinks Menu

Fair Trade & Organic Coffee.

Coffee Box- $24.99

Freshly brewed Alternative grounds coffee in our disposable coffee box, that serves 10 x 8-ounce cups. Also included in the price are coffee cups, all dairy, sugar and stir sticks.
Serves 10 people.

Coffee Urn – $2.40

Up to 350 cups in a large coffee urn delivered to you!
Still includes stir sticks, cups, sugar and dairy.
*rental fees may apply.

Assorted Tea – $1.20 each

A variety of herbal & caffeinated teas. Comes with hot water in a coffee box or urn.

Bottled Water & Assorted Juice – $1.69 each

Juice types include: apple, orange, &
wild berry/pomegranate.

Assorted Pop – $1.45 each

Please note that we do not serve specific types of pop, as we do not carry every type in our inventory. We do carry common types, make sure that there is variety and that diet pop is included or 100% diet if requested.
We can accommodate specific types for orders 75 and over.

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