Sandwich Menu

Sandwiches for every occasion.

We have sandwiches to suit practically every taste and preference, including vegan and vegetarian. Each sandwich is cut in half, labelled and separately packaged. Only fresh ingredients will do! The steak brioche is slow cooked and the sauce is handmade. Most of the bread is baked fresh in our kitchen.

Steak Brioche – $9.50

Juicy angus steak cooked to medium doneness, sautéed mushroom, lettuce & tomato. All on a gently grilled brioche bun. With a lightly drizzled under a béarnaise sauce. Served warm and indulgent.

Grilled Panini – $7.99

Smoked turkey, melted Swiss cheese, whole basil leaves and Honey-Dijon mayo. Served on homemade olive focaccia bread and grilled in our press.

The Beautiful Brie – $8.25

Grilled Anjou pears, candied walnuts, arugula pesto and melted brie – slightly sweet and a little bit crunchy. All on dark rye and pressed gently in our panini grill.

The Portobello – $8.99

Caramelized onions and grilled portobello mushrooms with tomato and pesto mayo. Served on our homemade olive focaccia bread.

Vegan Club – $7.49

Roasted zucchini, red bell peppers, purple onion, green peppers and fresh organics. Served on dark rye bread with our very own homemade creamy hummus.

California Fried Chicken – $8.99

California style with a French twist. Hand breaded & fried boneless thigh. Herbed with Herbes de Provence. Topped with a tangy cabbage slaw, pickles & a creamy California dressing. All in a brioche bun.

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