Place an order

To place an order, please provide your information including name, organization, time, place (plus room number) and food order via e-mail at ragingspoon@bellnet.ca  or call us at 416.504.6128. Our staff is very accommodating and can provide guidance for any order from large events to small meetings. Although we have a comprehensive menu, we also provide custom catering for large events. Some of the culturally inspired menus we have catered in the past included food from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Cajun Cuisine. We are also able to provide custom desserts to suit any occasion.

Full on-site service available:

  • Have our staff come to you and serve the food. We show up professionally dressed and are trained to provide courteous, efficient catering service to your group or event.
  • The rate is 20.00 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours.

We can serve parties of 10 to 500

  • Minimum order of $100.00 before taxes and delivery.
  • In order to be environmentally responsible, we are now charging $.27 per person for paper products (which can be composted or recycled).
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of an order.
  • There is a minimum $25 delivery charge with each order. Additional charges may apply depending on distance. Please inquire if your order is outside west or central Toronto.

If you are ordering from the holiday menu, please place your order as early as possible in order to ensure service and delivery.

We do not accept cash.