Breakfast Menu

Got an early morning meeting or event?

Let us greet you with freshly-baked cocoa-orange banana bread, lemon-nutmeg loaf or creamed mini-scones with vanilla frosting.

Or how about hand made gluten free muffins that will leave you guessing “gluten free?” Trust us, it’s been asked, they are that good!

Continental Breakfast Platter – $64.99

Everything freshly baked in house. Lemon-nutmeg loaf w/ lemon glaze, croissants, allspice & cinnamon frosted creamed pumpkin mini-scones.
Served with butter, jam and cream cheese. Serves 12.

Gluten-free Muffin Platter–$35.99

Baked fresh in house. Chocolate mocha banana. 100% gluten free and 100% scrumptious – Serves 12.

*Note: As these are not the easiest thing to bake we do not split orders.

Fresh Berry Yogurt Parfaits – $53.79

Fresh seasonal berries underneath creamy vanilla yogurt. Served in 9 oz. individual parfait cups.

$53.79 for 12
$26.90 for 6

Assorted Mini Quiches – $36.99

This selection of vegetarian quiches is perfect for larger events. Have it with our breakfast tray! 12 X 3 inch “tart” size.
Serves 12.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tray -$34.99

A variety of fresh, exotic and domestic fruits.
Serves 12.

Whole Fruit Bin – $23.79

Prefer whole fruit instead of our fruit tray? 12 pieces of seasonal whole fruit, uncut. – Serves 12.


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